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“Holly has all of the notes, and sings them effortlessly.” 
One Love, Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society, Tennessee, USA

“Holly’s voice really captivates the listener, finding wonderful heights and interesting depths. I love Holly’s vocal approach. The way her voice plays over the steady percussion and bass line”. 
Michael Doherty’s Blues Blog, USA

"Hyatt's voice is able to travel gracefully and flawlessly through a wide variety of genres like jazz, folk, blues or even be-bop (she is also a talented bass player)”        Giovanni Pilato, Bluebird Reviews, UK

"For the young female performers in the area Holly is the role model they should all be looking to emulate. She has a great voice, stage presence, superb bass playing and a professional demeanor that should be a bench mark. As always it was a great performance.”                                     Rodney Wilson Reviews, CA

"Holly’s voice soaring from deep inside the well of Aretha Franklin and Eva Cassidy."                                                           Sean Arthur Joyce,  Journalist/Author/Poet, CA

"I fell in love with her soulful vocals."                           Caesar Live N Loud, music blog

"Her voice is pure and strong but also carries a certain gentleness to it that allows for the listener to be relaxed while also feeling a sense of urgency."                                    It's Not Records (Ian McFarland), music blog

"This is great tier Soul song with some of most beautiful vocals I’ve heard all year. River Flows is a textbook definition of a feel-good song!"

And Justice for Reviews

"The retro feeling, classic single from the British Columbia based artist beckons you feel it deep inside."

 Come Here Floyd

"The song soothingly curves its way to the listener’s heart, thanks to the singer’s powerful vocals."



Unity Music Festival - Feeling the Soulful Groove!

Unity Music Festival - Feeling the Soulful Groove!

River Flows press

BC-based artist, Holly Hyatt has released her single, “River Flows” which is off of her debut album, Wild Heart that will be released in May 2019. Holly shares on the single, “The river always grounds me and connects me to my home, and I really wanted to express that in this song.” We had a chat with Holly for our newest segment of Five Questions With, so take a listen to the single below and find out more about her while you’re at it.

Canadian singer-songwriter Holly Hyatt has just unveiled her brand new single River Flows, a Jazz-infused piece of pop/r&b music. I fell in love with her soulful vocals and the horns section is quite captivating. If you are a lover of smooth, soulful music then you will love River Flows. I am loving the retro vibe of the song and the way her soulful vocals flow over the smooth and stunning melodies is simply a joy to my ears. There's an earthy, natural atmosphere of the song that is perfect for this new season. Stream this lovely song below!

Modern soulful earthy tones course through this nature and spiritual themed song.  A song intended to be about a circular motion and alluding to home possibly not having a set location even though the river is taking the singer home.  Perhaps the river is the home and the feeling of heading somewhere is what Holly Hyatt needs to feel at home.  Either way her voice is pure and strong but also carries a certain gentleness to it that allows for the listener to be relaxed while also feeling a sense of urgency.

 Holly Hyatt’s advance single, River Flows, from her forthcoming solo album Wild Heart, is a breath of fresh air. Anchored in deep personal ties to her home on the Slocan River, the song is a reminder that nature isn’t something outside us—it’s our life. It’s nice to see Holly branching out into a more breezy R&B feel. Although she has the perfect blues voice, this song allows her to explore more subtle tonal shadings. River Flows has the grace and flow of not only her idyllic Slocan River home but distinct echoes of her musical mentors, reminiscent at times of the great Mavis Staples. I look forward to hearing the entire album! 

Sean Arthur (Art) Joyce author, Laying the Children's Ghosts to Rest (2014, Canadian history) The Price of Transcendence (2015, poetry) Mountain Blues (2018, novel)

The young artist has officially unveiled her brand new single called River Flows, a soulful tune of great intensity where Hyatt’s splendid vocal delivery promises great things to come on Hyatt’s forthcoming new album and also confirms the Canadian musician as one of the most promising, rising stars of the music business.

Blue Bird Reviews

HOLLY HYATT takes us on a ride through the gorges of truth and simple life needs in ‘River Flows’. The traditional style blues drenched single is a delight to hear and absorb. The soul drenched truth helps you close your eyes, to relax the days away, with the one you love, hand in hand. The retro feeling, classic single from the British Columbia based artist beckons you feel it deep inside.







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